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I have participated in interviews and given commentary on criminology topics for international, national, and local news outlets including CBS News and Los Angeles Times. My team’s research has also been covered by various media. See below (also see CV for more).

“…Even as the hardships by the pandemic are still being felt, the effects on crime may recede over time as people adapt to cumulative stresses…”

Los Angeles Times

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“…People who are more exposed to war do seem to have a greater tolerance for other kinds of violence – a relationship that appears to be shaped by stress and depression…”

the greater good magazine

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“…Add onto that the trauma we all are experiencing from the pandemic, the murder of George Floyd and everything else, and the way we see violence — when dealing with interpersonal experiences, or as a viable solution to certain problems — could change…”

SCV News

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“…The ability to think reflectively and deliberately can be easily compromised because of the abundance of emotions, stress, and other issues during adolescence, which in turn can lead to more criminal behaviors…”


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“…The people of Ukraine have been caught in the middle, feeling that they always have to prove that they are their own sovereign country with their own identity, language and culture. Yet, at the same time, there is this sense of instability, insecurity about their future and identity, built from cumulative trauma. Trauma they learned from their grandparents, who learned it from their grandparents and so on…”

csun today

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“…Trauma can be passed down the generations by a combination of biological and psychosocial mechanisms. Despite fundamental differences between the war in Ukraine and the Holocaust, some principles of the intergenerational transmission of war trauma may still be pertinent…”


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